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About us


There are many hotspot hardware providers and hotspot service providers. What makes CheckBox different is the technology, our pricing and above all our service.CheckBox Hotspot Systems are designed from the ground up for the hospitality industry. Our programming and engineering team do not use off-the-shelf software intended for the corporate office environment and then try to make it work for your guests; they create software from scratch with all of the features – and only the features – that you need. This makes management easier for you and gaining access simpler for your guests. And since we design and maintain our own software it costs you less.

With CheckBox you own the system – there are no required monthly fees or long term contracts. While other Hotspot service providers may require three or five year contracts, with CheckBox you own it outright, and there are no hidden recurring fees.

The best technology and great pricing mean nothing unless there is something backing it all up. CheckBox provides dedicated U.S. based support for both property management and optional U.S based support for guests with fast response time and quick turn around on shipping. Our U.S. based manufacturing means that when you order a new system it will get to you in days, not weeks, and parts for emergency repairs are always in stock, often arriving within one or two business days.  

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